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It's all about you, our valued customers. Read what is being said about us and send us your review.

.....Christene A.

Thank you Mountain Alarm Systems. I feel very secure with my new alarm system. If there had been a grading system available, the installation and service would receive 5 stars as it was fast and professional and your employees were most helpful while I was learning how to use it. I can relax now when I leave because I know you are there to take care of my house.

.....Donya D.

The peace of mind that comes with having an alarm system is priceless. The installation experience was hassle free and professional. I would recommend Mountain Alarm Systems to anyone.

.....Annette S.

I really wanted the latest technology, so when MAS installed my new system, I couldn't have been happier. The technician was helpful and professional, and the office staff handled my many questions patiently. It really paid off to use a family-owned company with many years of experience in my opinion!!

.....Mary M.

After my neighbor's house burned to the ground before anyone noticed it was on fire, I realized how thankful I am that my home is wired to set off the alarm when my smoke detectors go off. I am really grateful for this extra benefit of using a monitored alarm system. Mountain Alarm

is the greatest!

.....Don D.

My daughters each have their own special codes to disarm the system. When my wife and I are at work, they walk home from school. The alarm system sends us both a text with their individual code when our daughters arrive home safely!

 .....Mike S.

I bought a home that was already wired with a system, but I was unhappy with my monitoring service. Mountain Alarm Systems was able to make minor adjustments and provide me with service wirelessly. Their monitoring service is extremely reliable and professional. I would recommend them every time!

.....Shawna E.

As a single Mom, I sleep much more peacefully at night with my new alarm system in place. Mountain Alarm Systems took the time to explain how to use my system in a way that works best for

my Son and me.

.....Laura B.

 I love that we don't have to have a home phone anymore to have a monitored alarm system. I can arm and disarm my system right from my phone. Your knowledgable staff helped me set it up right from the app. Thank you so much for your service and help.

...Linda G.

You have always been very prompt with any issues we may have.

Thank you.

....Bill T.

Thank you for your good and

prompt services.

...Deborah S.

We appreciate you! Having 2 homes in Ruidoso could be nerve wracking but with you guys having our backs, being our 'eyes and ears', we have no worries! Plus, the phone App is a huge blessing!!

...Patti & Javier C.

We appreciate your professionalism and service over the years. It gives us peace of mind to know that Mt. Alarm is keeping an eye on our place when we are not there! Thanks for all you do!

...Pat P.

We have had service from Mountain Alarm for 18 years. They are the best!

 ...Doug H.

Everyone at Mtn. Alarm is very professional and friendly!




The Ruidoso News


Companies need state and local business licenses, and local contacts to operate


The following is an excerpt from The Ruidoso News article

POSTED: 03/13/2014 08:18:40 PM MDT

By Dianne Stallings

The Ruidoso News

Ruidoso's code enforcement officers are cracking down on alarm companies, whose representatives are canvassing neighborhoods without a business license and are installing alarm systems without permits and assurances that they will comply with village rules.


Owners of companies based in Ruidoso are aware that permits are required as well as the need to make arrangements for someone to respond within a short period to any alarm and then notify the police, if law enforcement is needed. But Councilor Lynn Crawford said Tuesday during a council meeting that while two local companies (Mountain Alarm Systems & Security) follow the rules, the others have "800" numbers and commercials on T.V.


"I called one just to check it out and they have someone call you back and they will ship you the stuff," Crawford said. "They will contract with someone out of El Paso or Albuquerque or wherever and they come in and install it. They never mentioned to me getting a permit."


Village Community Development Director Bobbye Rose said she met with code enforcement officers, who operate out of the police department. "We are trying to get the information out to the public through the newspaper that we have an alarm problem and we have a alarm ordinance. You need to be registered. Anybody can't just come into the village and sell alarms."   Code enforcement is beginning to crack down and issue citations that carry fines, she said.


Crawford asked about the fine for false alarms or other infractions such as not arranging a local key holder or using an unlicensed company. Rose said she thought fines begin at $25, but go up substantially with a second or third false alarm.  

Police Chief said the policy in place requires the alarm company to respond first to any alarm and if the person notes something suspicious, the police are called for backup.



Code Enforcement Officer Chris Eisenberg said Thursday the first of a new approved letter is being sent to a homeowner today for a violation of the village alarm ordinance. "We send the letter to the property owner about a violation, because it is their responsibility." Fines could run up to $500, with 90 days in jail. "We will work with a homeowner any way we can, as long as they contact us and let us know they are trying to correct the situation," Eisenberg said.


The village ordinance requires that the person owning an alarm device register that system with the village planning administrator, and that the registration be renewed annually. The registration information must include the installer, the maintenance company, the monitoring company and the key holder to respond to alarms.


The law requires an alarm company to have a village business license, and to acquire that, the company needs a state license, a local address and phone number, and the company must have a 24-hour available key holder able to respond to an alarm within 15 minutes, Eisenberg said.


"We're working on a Facebook page to make the public aware of different village ordinances," he said.


When police are called about an alarm, if the company is not registered with the village, dispatchers give code enforcement officers a copy of the call, he said, "We just started this. I've been working on it a month. This morning, I received the first call card on an illegal alarm, so I am sending a copy of that to Planning and Zoning in village hall and they will notify the alarm company," he said.


Several different companies have representatives going door-to-door trying to sell alarm systems, he said. One named Vivint has a colorful van and has already been warned, but recently was sighted working some neighborhoods again, he said.  "Even ADT is not legal in Ruidoso," Eisenberg said. 

- end-

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mountain Alarm Systems is locally owned and operated, with a local addresses, phone, key holders and village business licenses.   

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