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Consumer Tips

When choosing an alarm provider, consider the following.

For your personal safety, do not provide information over the phone to anyone claiming to represent an alarm company. Answering a simple question such as, "Do you own an alarm system?" will provide the caller with enough information to make you their next victim. 

Mountain Alarm Systems will never use telephone solicitations to increase sales. All information provided by you will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be sold or used for marketing strategies.

Residents of all communities within the Lincoln County need not be fooled by a company that wants to install an alarm and call the local authorities when tripped. Carefully read the ordinance that governs alarm systems within your jurisdiction. In Lincoln County you are required to provide a 24-hour key holder to respond with the authorities or risk penalty. In Ruidoso, the police department requires the key holder to be the first responder to verify the need for dispatching an officer.

Mountain Alarm Systems will be your key holder and our 24-hour on call technician will respond as needed so there is no reason why you should put your friends, family or neighbors in harm's way.

If the only local number an alarm sales representative can give you is a toll-free number, reconsider your options. They might be legitimate, but their sales techniques are high pressure and your contract with them will often contain hidden costs. Service with those companies can be slow, expensive and in some cases, non-existent.

Mountain Alarm Systems is wholly locally owned and operated.  We can often match contracts and prices quoted by a non-resident company. Our contracts contain no hidden fees or buyout clause, and all technical issues and service problems will be

resolved immediately.

Compare our services to a DIY system and see why we’re the best fit for your security needs.   Simple or easy isn’t always safe.   In the end, is your personal security worth the risk?

Mountain Alarm Systems merges the ease of DIY technology with the service and monitoring capabilities you need.  Only Mountain Alarm Systems can offer local, 24/7 UL Certified Monitoring and Response.   We’ve been helping to protect homes and businesses in Lincoln County longer than any other company in the business.

Buyer beware of non-local alarm companies. Obtain a copy of the local ordinance and you will discover that you need a 24/7 key holder to be a first responder. Local authorities want alarms verified before responding.

Mountain Alarm Systems is your key holder and first responder. We respond to verify that it is an actual alarm and notify the police when needed. You shouldn't put your friends, family or neighbors in a potentially harmful situation by asking them to

be your key holder.

When an alarm company offers a system for a low cost or free installation, don't be fooled into thinking they are telling you the truth.  Just remember the old adage, "There are no free lunches." Those companies will lock you into a lengthy contract at a higher than average monthly fee with no response.  Over time, you will have paid a much higher cost for your system. If you sell your home, you remain responsible for the contract and the buyout is usually expensive.

Mountain Alarm Systems can often match the cost and contracts of any company but rather than deceive our customers with hidden costs and long term expensive monthly payments, we will present your best option from the beginning. We do not include "buyouts" in our contracts so there is no need to worry about owing us money if you sell your home. In addition, there is no re-connect fee for the new owner if they choose to keep it. That’s a selling asset for sure.

Before choosing a non-resident company, inquire about their service plan. They will often charge you a drive time fee on top of hourly rates when your system requires service. If the salesman states that they do not, make them put it in the contract. It is often 4 days or more before they can schedule your service.

Mountain Alarm Systems is local.  This is our community.  We service your system at your convenience and often on the same day you report the problem. "Drive time" fees will

not be found in our

vocabulary for our customers.

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