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We offer reliable home interior inspections for your vacation home in Ruidoso.

The service you need to enjoy your vacation home to the fullest...Relax more, worry less!


Your vacation home can often develop problems that your security system does not recognize until it's too late. Various problems in your home left unattended can become severe situations without careful inspections. Leave the worry to us. We'll inspect your property inside and out so you can rest easy.

Security Checks Include (what we look for):


  • Leaky Roof

  • Water heater malfunctions

  • Leaky or running commodes

  • Appliance problems/ Refrigerator or freezer problems

  • Broken or leaking pipes

  • Weather damage

  • Heating / air conditioning problems

  • Insect or rodent infestations

  • And the list goes on....


Those are just a few of the reasons why Mountain Alarm Systems offers the Home Security Check service to our valued customers (weather permitting).


On many occasions, our representative has recognized potentially serious problems in the early stages, keeping damage to a minimum. 


Have your water turned off when you leave or turned on for your arrival and your thermostat adjusted to your desired setting. 


Weather permitting, we will enter your home one to two times per week, as requested, to perform a home interior inspection including a routine examination of all appliances and various problem areas. We will conduct a visual exam of your ceilings for obvious leaks and windows and doors for tampering or open locks.


It is recommended that your water is turned off when you leave for extended periods but if you have chosen to leave it on, we will run the water to ensure that your water heater is providing hot water and has all physical appearances of being in proper working condition. With advance notice, prior to your arrival, your thermostat can be turned to your requested setting and inside or outside lights turned on for a late evening arrival. We will turn on your water and take your water heater off vacation mode. Your time in your beautiful mountain home will be much more enjoyable if we have prepared it for your arrival.


Work less, relax more....leave the worry to us.  We’re the security you can count on. 

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